Thursday, December 21, 2017

Deed-Restricted Communities in Florida

Henrietta Feldman has practiced real estate law since 1999. Currently based in Palm Beach, Florida, Henrietta Feldman draws on an in-depth knowledge of deed-restricted communities and other regulations related to real estate.

Deed-restricted communities are common in the state of Florida. They operate under the oversight of a homeowners association, which receives regular fee payments from its members in exchange for enforcing pre-set community rules. These rules cover a variety of aspects of home maintenance and appearance, ranging from the color of exterior paint to the number of people who can live in a home at any given time.

Many people enjoy living in deed-restricted communities because they offer the certainty of a well-kept neighborhood and, often, esthetics that align with the homeowner's values. However, experts recommend that potential buyers carefully read all deed-restriction language of a homeowners association agreement, because signing such an agreement can place the homeowner at risk of fines for failing to abide by regulations. Furthermore, Florida state law allows a homeowners association to begin foreclosure proceedings on a member homeowner who fails to pay dues or fees for special assessments.

Monday, November 13, 2017

An Introduction to Property Liens

As a real estate attorney, Henrietta Feldman works with buyers and sellers in both Florida and Massachusetts. Henrietta Feldman comes to this role with a detailed knowledge of property liens and how they affect a sale.

A lien on a property can interfere with the smooth sale of that piece of real estate. The lien itself functions as a notice of an unpaid debt, which the property owner must pay off in order to clear the property title.

One common source of property lien is an unpaid county, state, or federal tax bill. These are most common among homeowners with sporadic income or other circumstances that make wage garnishment difficult. If the lien is large, the government may choose to force sale of the property to collect.

Homeowners who have lost a case in court may have what is known as a judgment lien, the payoff of which goes to the plaintiff in the case in question. Somewhat similar is the mechanic's lien, which a contractor or other service provider may place on a title if a bill goes unpaid. The service provider must record this within one to six months of the unpaid bill, and must then file a lawsuit within a year in order to collect.

Creditors may force the sale of the property to collect the lien. Such events are rare, however, as mortgages typically take precedence over any liens. This means that a foreclosing creditor would need to take on mortgage payments. The average creditor tends to find it more financially viable to wait for the homeowner to sell at will and use the purchase price to pay off the lien.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author David McCullough

Since 2015, Henrietta Feldman has owned and operated a Florida-based legal practice focused on real estate law. Outside of her professional activities, Henrietta Feldman enjoys reading nonfiction and lists David McCullough among her favorite authors.

A two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Mr. McCullough is a historian and author who launched his writing career in 1968 with the publication of The Johnstown Flood. Mr. McCullough followed his first book with several well-received publications, including Mornings on Horseback, Truman, John Adams, and 1776. In addition to the Pulitzer, his work has earned him two National Book Awards and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Mr. McCullough’s most recent book, The Wright Brothers, was a No. 1 New York Times bestseller, and it remained on the list for nine months. The author is currently working on The Pioneers, which will tell the story of the early Northwestern settlers through the experiences of three generations of families. It is scheduled to hit bookstores in 2019.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Camps and After-School Care from the Salvation Army

An experienced real estate attorney located in Palm Beach, Florida, Henrietta Feldman has represented clients with the Law Office of Henrietta Feldman LLC since 2015. Previously, she spent more than 15 years practicing law, working primarily in Boston. Active within her local community, Henrietta Feldman donates to local animal shelter charities and the Salvation Army

From 7,546 centers across the United States, the Salvation Army provides comprehensive services ranging from hunger relief to Christmas assistance for families in need. The organization supports children from low-income families through after-school programs that provide qualified supervision outside of school hours. Throughout the country, Salvation Army after-school programs offer extracurricular opportunities in sports, music, and art that enrich children’s lives and fill gaps that often exist in local school systems.

In addition to after-school programs, the Salvation Army operates annual summer camps that help young people develop new skills and cultivate friendships. From learning to swim to developing scouting skills, summer camps teach self-reliance and confidence in a safe outdoor setting.